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Innovative Site & Patient Solutions offering new ways to support your clinical studies

We are proud to provide solutions that are focused on the patient experience in a clinical trial. Putting dedicated experienced professionals into the roles that interact with your patients is the single most impactful thing you can do to build TRUST with the patients in the trial!
-Dan Perlman



It's all about the PEOPLE

All of our solutions start with a custom team build of clinical professionals to support our clients clinical trials. 

We understand the difference in successful clinical trial execution is in the TEAM supporting the trial and patients. W provide the experienced talent to build our clients their own dedicated DREAM TEAMS.

TPS world class Talent Aquisition and Development team gives us the ability to quickly identify, attract, hire, deploy and retain the support teams needed to reach your clinical trial goals.

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Solutioning designed to support your research sites and patients with the workforce and tools needed to provide the highest quailty research and patient care

Business Team

Solutioning to support our Client's operational teams with the workforce and tools needed to reach your clinical trial goals

Site Workforce Roles Supported:

Clinical Research Coordinators*

Subject Recruitment

Clinical Research Nurses (RN, BSN)*

Clinical Raters**


Data Entry**


Nurse Practitioner*


   *Are subject facing, on-site in research facility

   ** Can be performed remote/centrally

Client Workforce Roles Supported:

Clinical Trial Operations

  • Study Management

  • Monitoring

  • Study Start-up

  • Drug Supply

Data Science/ Central Data Monitoring

Biostatistics & SAS Programing

PV/Drug Safety

Quality Assurance /Regulatory Affairs

Medical Writing

Medical Experts -Physicians


TPS Technologies that enhance our solutions


Configurable SIte Performance Dashboard that illistates our SiteChoice teams productivity


Our analytical technology that accesses site performance and compliance to critical study procedures providing useful information to be reviewed and managaged through documented workflows

The TPS Difference

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Solutioning that starts with flexibility

We understand that every client's situation is different and unique so we tailor every solution, starting with the the operational delivery team


Clincal Team Selection

Having the RIGHT team creates the biggest impact on outcomes

Our clients work with our internal Talent Aquistion team to provide the right mixture of experienced clinical teams

Business Meeting

Managed Service

We dont just provide people we help them reach their full potential

Our management team comes with the operational management and solutioning expereince to help both our teams and clients get the most out of our services

What Partnership means to TPS:

We believe what is good for our partners is good for us. Our goal as your partner, is to enhance your operation by building solutions that allow you to achieve your clinical trial goals on time and within budget. Below are some unique differences in our solutions.

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Team Meeting

Join the TPS team

Be the difference in the world

TPS Executive Leadership


Daniel Perlman

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Michael Smith

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Jim Szakacs

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Gina Willson

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Syed Shah

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Aly Heffelfinger

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Jeff Repper

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David Willson

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Joshua Perlman

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Components of Our Solutions

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We know People are the single most important piece of a clinical operation and how much having the right people makes a big difference.


Having an efficient process saves time and money. Partnering with TPS empowers your transformation with more streamlined, productive, and quality processes.



Our RAPTOR technology enables our innovative strategies aimed at enhancing quality, improving speed and reducing the cost of your clinical trial.

Transform your operations with the RIGHT people, process and technology

Jeff Repper

EVP Site Services

Andrea Peters


Etleva Haxhiymer


Alicia Cruz

Patient Navigator

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Practical Solutions that TRANSFORM your operations


We created Transformative Pharmaceutical Solutions to offer customized and innovative outsourcing solutions for your clinical and site operations. These solutions are built to enhance your relationship at the site and drive productivity across the clinical trial operations.


We work with you, our partners, to design a customized solution to be the perfect fit for your operations.


Clinical operations

We work with our partners to build a custom solution designed to evolve and meet the demand of your pipeline. 

Monitoring Operations

We use People, Process and Technology to transform your monitoring operations to bring the next generation of efficiency and outcomes in your clinical trials. 

Site operations

We empower your clinical trial sites with the right tools and people to accelerate and optimize your studies.

Our Transformative Solutions


Why outsource when you can hand select your project teams from the best clinical professionals in the industry? Building a dedicated “dream team,” branded as your own, that has the ability to scale and convert gives our clients the confidence, control and expertise needed to guarantee the successful execution of any function.  Others claim they can do it, but, TPS created it and does it best!

Risk Based Solutions

Explore how combining our technology with the right people can bring your clinical trial analytics to life. These proactive approaches to risk management, prevent potential issues from becoming problems and help drive significant increases in quality. You can use this to oversee your CRO and drive a targeted monitoring approach to your clinical trial.

Site CHoice

This solution is designed to enhance the relationship between our Pharmaceutical clients and their clinical trial sites. See how we can partner with you to place the right mix of our dedicated clinical research professionals at your sites to ensure your trial get the focus it needs to reach your study goals.  

Virtual Monitoring

Learn how RAPTOR, the cornerstone of this solution, uses its site analytics, configurable infographics and intuitive virtual monitoring workflows to empower the collaboration between the centralized teams and study coordinators we provide. This forward thinking solution brings our study coordinator directly into the process to create the next generation of quality, efficiency and outcomes in your clinical trial.

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The TPS Difference

You Control your Transformation

01: Customization

We understands each company is unique, with different landscapes, pipelines and goals. We work with you to build a solution that aligns with your strategy and will achieve your goals.

02: Control

We believe all sponsors should control their clinical trials. By integrating our teams into your organization, you retain the strategic control you deserve.

03: Flexibility

Our solutions are designed to be scalable, giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your teams to successfully meet your pipeline requirements.

04: Quality

We hire experienced professionals that you “hand select” who have the expertise that you define and they drive the results you expect.

05: Billing Transparency

We believe true partnerships have no hidden agendas or costs (change orders), so we provide full transparency inclusive of profits.

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